The Cities and Marketplaces

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

There are 5 major cities within the supernatural realm and lots of marketplaces. I’m not entirely sure where most of them are according to the actual world map, but I do know a couple of “real world” locations.

Agrodaniel – Elemental city. It’s considered “neutral” because elementals are (usually) considered neutral. However, there are a lot of dark and light energies going in and out of there as well.

Brendelien – Dark city. Only people who have dark energies are allowed to come here. People with light are expected to be either slaves, under orders, or be heavily escorted and even then, it’s iffy. Light energies are more often than not killed here just for stepping foot into the place.

Grovendel – Neutral city. There are several places to visit here and both light and dark signatures are welcome (though, it’s still advised that you watch your tongue, feet, and don’t eavesdrop; come escorted). The pet store here isn’t that great. Honestly, the man should be obliterated for the way he treats the creatures. There’s also a tavern, bookstore, male & female clothes’ shops, weapon shop, an apothecary, and lots more shopping to do.

Lytheanee – Probably one of the safer places to go if you’re a soul of light. Dark people aren’t welcome here, but there have been incidents. Nobody will kill anyone for coming here, though, but they can get thrown in jail if they disobey the laws.

Reagenne – Another neutral city, although this one is about as friendly as Grovendel. Take caution if you visit.


Rio de Janero – This is the only marketplace I can locate on the “real world” map. The place is crawling with hunters, blackmailers, and the like. A very dangerous group that no one should even approach. If you want the scummiest, most talented assassin or hunter, you’ll find him lurking here waiting for his services to be employed. It’s the best place to get information and the worst place to start tourism.

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