Yours Truly

About the Author

My name is Shannon, but a lot of people online call me “Shana”. This may be hard for a person to believe, but for those of you who are tuned in with that sixth sense or believe in the supernatural (yes, I mean ghosts and energy suckers), you might not find it too outrageous. I am a vampiric/witch hybrid. Not a Wiccan, a witch. I don’t cast spells or put curses on people (I’m still trying to get rid of the one that was put on me, why would I want to curse someone else?) and I don’t drink blood. I’m an Energy or Psychic Vampire (I feed on energy) and my vampiric bloodline has mixed equally with my Witch bloodline. Yes, it makes me dangerous if I have no control, but that I have been working on since last September when my mother’s seal on me was broken.

My Givens include Gab (my past life as a Witch), Morgaea (a vampiric past life), and Lestraido the Harbinger of Lust/Seduction. Others inside of me include one of the Original 9 Demons, Balthazaar; an inter-dimensional bargainer that I’ve named Yuuko (after Yuuko Ichihara from xxxHolic because her real name is too hard to spell and say); and a Seed (a creation of dark energies)/Emotion Entity named Nagato who was created by my Dark Self to break me down. Nagato is made up of raw emotions that, because of my light, I cannot feel to the full extent.

This, dear reader, is my blog for my personal use. The things that happen to me are true events. If you don’t believe me, don’t. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and you’re welcome to think that way if you want, but I don’t want people leaving nasty comments on my blog. They’ll be deleted. Simple as that. I don’t take bullshit from anyone. If you don’t believe a word my blog says, don’t tell me. I don’t expect praise, either, though. This is a place for me to post what’s been happening to me. If you’re confused about something, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll explain it to you–though, I don’t pretend to know everything.

There will be some things that have ridiculous explanations and I’m well aware how all of these posts will sound like they came from a movie or a book or sound just made up. References to moves like Underworld, Twilight (ick, I hate using these references), and whatnot will need to be made because it truly is a coincidence that some people can get certain facts right. But don’t take their pure fiction as truth. Not all vampires drink blood, not all lycans fight with vampires, and not all witches or wizards have warts and fly around on broomsticks.

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