Givens are a secondary conscience or soul that are hosted by a person to guide them. The choice to acknowledge a person’s Given is the choice of the individual, but many people have them. For example, I have 3: Gab the Witch (an ancestor from my mother’s side of the family and a past life), Morgaea the Vampire (another one of my past lives), and Lestraido the Harbinger. Ox, my boyfriend, has Valik (an Angelic).

Hosts and Physical Bodies

Many entities try to obtain a host or a physical body. Why? They can do more damage because their powers are focused especially if that person trains themselves as a host. Many people are born with Givens; those are the guardians of that person during that lifetime. Usually, a person becomes a “host” when an outside entity enters the physical body and settles down there. Kind of like a possession, but the “host” and the “intruder” make a contract willingly to allow the outside entity to stay under certain conditions. There is always a price; if the person feels that the cost is too high, they don’t have to make the pact.

Many entities can be harmful to the physical body. For example, some entities break down vital organs or the brain. It’s not just a natural cost of being a host, it’s the entity’s way of “having fun”. If the entity is smart, they choose a host that can handle the problems that the entity presents such as being able to take pain or having a strong light to ward off other intruders.

I play host to 2 beings: an inter-dimensional bargainer that I’ve nicknamed Yuuko (her name is way too hard to pronounce and spell) and one of the Original 9 – Balthazaar, the Demon of Manipulation and creator of the Harbinger Lestraido. Ox, on the other hand, plays host to several beings: Malakesh the Demon of War (and one of the Original 9; Balthazaar’s brother), Maladon the Harbinger of Pain, Malachi the Demon Spawn created by Kesh to protect Maladon, and Dantre – one of the keys to Armageddon.

Lycanthropes, or Lycans for short, live among us as regular people. They are usually extremely hairy, have a natural fetish to bite, and get an occasional tendency to rip things apart with their teeth. When in lycanthrope mode, it can be very dangerous for both friend and foe because in true lycan mode, just like the lore of a werewolf, they are unable to distinguish between the two. A Lycanthrope’s body naturally heals quick because the transformation itself (no, they do not turn into actual wolves) is extremely damaging to the human body. Muscles can strip themselves from the bones, ribs crack easily under pressure, or tendons and tissue become over-vulnerable to ripping apart. Usually whenever a lycanthrope transforms, their eyes become black or, rarely, yellow. Their abilities commonly range between energy claws that can rip through the opponent to getting on all fours and leaping high onto their opponent. Keep in mind, skeptics, that not all lycanthropes have a human form. They can be simple entities that one cannot see with the human eye and can only “see” with a developed sixth sense towards the supernatural.

Vampirics are much different than their primitive counterparts. They are refined, poised, and ruled by pure emotions. Whereas a lycanthrope can fuel his transformation by rage, a vampiric can transform due to an intense emotion. Their eyes can easily change to a light blue or even gain a red ring around the center when enraged to the point of a transformation. Vampirics choose to lure their victims closer rather than to stalk them and hunt them down like Lycans; the natural ability of any Vampiric is called “The Lure”. Chemicals trigger within their body so that they can smell, taste, and supernaturally seem attractive. In other words, they mess with a person’s senses (though, sight cannot usually be messed with; if a vampire is ugly, it takes more skill for them to be attractive). There are two things that a vampiric can feed on: energy or blood. Energy has become a far more common meal for vampirics in this day and age simply because they’ve been forced to adapt to such rules. However, there are still those who feed upon the blood of another human being. Namely, those of the aristocratic Vampiric Pure-blood houses.

Witches and Warlocks
Witches and Warlocks are not simply fiction for a child’s imagination nor are they only Pagans or Wiccans. In the sense that many are thinking, Wiccan is a religion not necessarily a birthright as a few have claimed. Witches are a bloodline as are Warlocks. They can brew potions, spells are highly more effective, and curses or hexes really do come back on a person ten-fold. No, they do not ride broomsticks. However, they do have natural healing powers that they are gifted with and seals are easily carried out. Many clans of Witches or Warlocks have spread out, but their bloodlines have not thinned contrary to what an individual might hope. Divination such as Tarot Cards, Hydromancy, Tea Leaf Reading, and the like seem to be second nature for these guys and gals. Also, if you’re wondering, there can be male Witches and female Warlocks.

Pure-Bloods, Half-Bloods, and Hybrids
Pure-Blooded Lycanthropes and Vampirics have an extremely difficult time admitting (and, yes, I say admitting) that they are on the same level of power as Hybrids and Half-bloods. There are hundreds of pure-blooded clans of each of these powerful creatures all over the world, many of which think that they are the best. Unfortunately, they are also becoming uncommon because millions of people are unaware of their own natures which means that lycanthropes, witches, warlocks, and vampirics are beginning to mix the bloodlines. Pure-bloods mostly feed on actual flesh or blood whereas half-bloods or hybrids frequently feed on the energy of people around them even when they don’t realize they’re doing so.

There are two different kinds of pure-bloods: what they consider to be a “true” pure-blood and an “impure” pure-blood. For example, a true pure-blooded vampiric is born from two pure-blooded vampiric parents. On the other hand, an impure pure-blood is born to two half-blooded or hybrid parents. Two halves make a whole, but the impure pure-bloods will not be taken in to the pure-blooded society simply because they were not born to two pure-blooded parents.

Half-bloods are generally common within the population. In one case, a Witch and a Lycan can get married, have a kid, and the child can be half-Witch, half-Lycan. What makes them half-bloods is that one bloodline will be more dominant than the other. Let’s say in this scenario that the Witch is more dominant in the child than the Lycan: he might come out with eyes that change colors–gorgeous eyes–that turn black when he becomes enraged. His habits will be more Witch than Lycan, but he’ll still get the desire to gnaw on something every so often.

Hybrids are much different than half-bloods or impure pure-bloods. Hybrids happen when two bloodlines meet and neither bloodline is dominant. For example, a Vampiric and a Lycanthrope child. Her eyes could be a very dark blue and her uncontrollable urge to gnaw on something will be double that of a regular half-blood because both vampirics and lycanthropes bite…hard. The bloodline traits equal out so that there is no dominant lineage: pure half-and-half equaling out to a hybrid. Hybrids equal out in power without much training to that of a pure-blood and, in certain cases, more-so.

In Northeast Texas alone, there are five pure-blooded clans of Vampirics and Lycanthropes: DarkWing (Not as in DarkWing Duck and if they catch you saying it, you might want to watch your back in public or at clubs), WolfFang, and a few others. I’m sure that there are plenty of hybrid of half-blooded clans to rival them, but none are more dangerous than a mysterious ancient clan that was considered to be blood-traitors. This unnamed clan, it’s rumored, was started by a Lycan/Vampiric Hybrid over 900 years ago and joined together a pack of ravenous Lycans and sensible Vampirics to form a “joint governed clan”. It was run by the clans of Thornton, McMahan, McLarry, and Colanski clans that were made up of half-breeds, hybrids, and pure-bloods alike. Together, the clans hunted down other clans who did not wish for peace, only for more war between Lycans and Vampirics. Discovering that the fighting was pointless, the Thornton & McMahan clans attacked the other clans and were hunted down. It is rumored that the pure-blooded heirs to the throne have been reincarnated, but it is uncertain whether or not they wish to lay claim to the throne.

The Divine Entities

The Creator is the highest divine entity above even Gods. The Gods themselves reign over emotions independently: the God of Death, the Goddess of Life, the God of Anger, the God of Jealousy, the God of Sadness, and the God of Joy. Below the Gods are creatures referred to as Demonics and Angelics which are much like those in the biblical sense. The Demonics’ sole purpose is to corrupt and destroy whereas the Angelics’ sole purpose is to heal and protect. Originally, there were 9 Demons and 9 Angelics created and are known by every demon or angel since the dawn of time as “The Original Nine” on each side.

The Demonics are (in no particular order): War/Malakesh, Devastation/Zleinorua, Despair, Malice, Manipulation/Balthazaar, Seroths, Krathos, Zenthroth, and Lin. The Angelics are, so far, unknown other than Innocence/Harokulmar, Tranquility, Temperance, and Hope.

Out of the original 18 entities, 16 were chosen to create being known as The Harbingers (Created by the Demons) and Dos Domientes or “Beings of Light” (Created by the Angelics). The difference between The Harbingers, Dos Domientes, and the entities they were born from is that the Harbingers and Dos Domientes were granted the gift of Love; Demons and Angelics were created without that gift for it served no purpose to them. According to their laws, if they were to fall in love, they must be stripped of their powers and be destroyed.

The Harbingers are as follows: Peneine (Pain) aka Maladon, Lestraido (Lust & Seduction), Corvado (Chaos), Destromada (Destruction), Gorvaino (Greed) aka “Zen”, and Fovaino (Famine) aka “Lin”. Each has a pair that they were created to be partners with, though the majority of them make their own choices. Lestraido and Corvado are sisters; Peneine and Destromada are brothers. I will use these four as the prime example: Lestraido and Peneine are paired together as well as Corvado and Destromada. However, Destromada chooses to seek out Lestraido because of her influence whereas Corvado, for the same reason, desires to be with Peneine. Neither Peneine nor Lestraido wish to be associated with their siblings or want their partner to be. There are 2 others who prefer to remain “hidden”.

The only known Dos Domientes for now are Peace and Purity.

It is foretold that when the Harbingers gather, the Dos Domientes (being their opposites) will also gather on the opposing side to fight them. The Original Nine Demonics and Angelics are the same way, but if one among either party decides not to participate in any events among the race of humans, then there will be no gathering or war. However, if the Original Nine gather on one side, the other side also gathers and oppose each other in war. When this is done, all of the Harbingers and Dos Domientes do the same thing creating the true Apocalypse.

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