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Yet another gate was being opened last night. I spotted the one opening the gate and went to intercept him. Though I did not get a good look at his/her face, they were more skilled than I and had stolen Malakesh’s ring of keys for the gates. How they managed to do that is a feat in itself and speaks a lot for their power. I at least managed to swipe the keys from the person, but they got away… I should have chased after them, but I was more concerned with closing the gate. In the attempt to do so, I was injured. My entire right arm has turned a solid, crispy black from the energy-rebound and I was unable to chase after them.

In my moment of weakness, Dark One (or at least, it looked, sounded, and acted like Dark One so that has yet to be determined if it really was or if he managed to somehow split himself or if it was a false entity doing a damn good job of imitating him) appeared and claimed he would bind me to him and force me to return to Patrick…or he would obliterate me. Malakesh showed up out of nowhere to defend me and Dark One repeated his intentions. They were about to fight when Balthazaar also showed up (out of nowhere!) and carried me back to my body. Gabe was going through a bunch of potions and crap when she saw my arm, even went through her crystals. Outside, Kesh and Dark One began to fight. And I don’t mean punching, I mean using spells of hell like I’ve never seen.

Me being foolish as I always am, I could not let Kesh get hurt and I left again. This time, I used my Doralen Card, The Ward, to protect the vicinity and contain the battle. It didn’t work too well because it began to faulter as soon as it disappeared from trying to contain such massive amounts of power. I entered and put up a barrier that made them stop for at least a few seconds. Kesh protected me, Dark One hit him in the back, and knocked him away from me. I was going to defend Kesh and went into Hellguard mode, but Dark One used spells against me I hadn’t been prepared for… and then he started talking about how he would slowly rip apart my world and that I couldn’t protect all of them. He went so far as to speak about Ryan and how Alix would take over him and kill Malakesh and were I to defend Kesh, I would obliterate Ryan in the process. The whole time he was talking, he was firing energy at me, using spells that put me in a lot of pain.. I wasn’t powerful enough to defend myself, even in Hellguard form. Trust me, he commented on that, too.. how pathetic it was that I couldn’t remember anything or that I couldn’t even remember my own abilities..

He was about to seriously injure me and I think bind me to him when Kesh hit him and knocked him back. Kesh looked over at me and handed me his ring of keys saying that the gates are my responsibility now. He opened a portal to some dimension and took Dark One in there with him. The portal closed and I was just… I didn’t know what to do or how to feel. I’m still in shock at last night’s events. Malakesh can’t get out of that dimension unless I open the gate back and I started to try to do it right then, but Balthazaar arrived at that moment and told me I’d had enough injury for one night (referring to my earlier attempt and my arm). We just sat there and stared at where the gate had been…

Balthazaar says that even if I wanted to open the gate right now, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea… Malakesh took Dark One to that dimension to fight him, to protect all of us. Not just me, but he knew that dark One meant everything he said about killing everyone around me. He could obliterate us all. From what Balthazaar told me, it will be years before we see Kesh again…and that’s IF Dark One doesn’t obliterate him. I hate to say this, but from last night’s battle, I honestly believe that Dark One is equivalent in power to Malakesh.

Balthazaar finally took me back to my body and as I was going to sleep, he used a demonic spell to lessen the damage. I can use my arm physically, but the Water gauntlet had to be removed and I can’t use it non-physically for spells or battle. Not until he figures out how to fully fix it. It’s like I said before, though, I don’t know if that actually was Dark One, but there is no way that any entity with demonic energy like that could match Kesh in power while keeping up the appearance of Dark One, especially not with the hits he was taking. Even if Dark One found a way to split himself in two, he still wouldn’t have enough power to match Malakesh the way he did last night… but either way, Kesh is gone.. and I keep thinking that if I had been able to remember, if I had been able to figure out all of my abilities and been stronger, I could have protected him.

And we’re left with not only the problem of Alix, but also this new threat of this little snipe who keeps opening gates. I have the key ring still, but there are other ways to open the gates. I just… I don’t know what to think right now because I’m in so much shock. Malakesh is gone and I’m…I’m expected to keep up with all gates 24/7.. I can’t sense all over the world. I can’t tell if some prep-school teenage British boys or Saudi Arabian old men are opening a gate because they don’t know what they’re doing or they’re opening it just for fun. I can’t do this! I don’t know how he expects me to be able to do his job when he’s so powerful and free and all over the place and I’m just…I couldn’t even protect him in my ultimate form of Hellguard…