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War is a term I have come to loathe throughout my existence. It is inevitable, especially in this life now that everything is coming to an end, yet I cannot help but be angry at the future that is unfolding before me. Had I known it would come to this final showdown sooner, I could have been more prepared. My memories still have not returned from the centuries before and so I am helpless against the enemy. For now, I must rely on one whom other persons would not consider to be trustworthy. Tell me: could anyone else honestly say that they would allow a demon to hold their life in his hands? Yes. My companion is a demon. There were nine in the beginning and he is one of them. Like me, he grows weary of the constant destruction and corruption that man forms on its own.

I am a peaceful person who does not take pleasure in confrontation with another human being. He says I have a pure heart and that my naivety keeps me from joining the rest of the human race. It grants me clairvoyance, he says. That may be true, yet what I can see and understand is beyond the grasp of most humans. The story I am about to tell isnot an attempt to convince anyone. In fact, these are my final notes. I will die in 80 years and that is still not enough time to explain everything or to convince a single normal person that anything I say is true. Perhaps someone will believe me when I die, but I’m sure even then they would pass it off as “God’s plan” or a “coincidence”. After all, who am I to this world? This reality will never acknowledge me for what I am or what I have to say. I am nobody and forever will be. They will soon see, though, that my story is full of truth as are my predictions: the war that is coming will involve far too many “others” for human beings to ignore that there is a world beneath the surface of their own.