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Where else to start but at the beginning? The beginning of my own existence; I do not recall the memories myself. Instead, I have dreamed them in a random sequence and had to piece together the chronology myself. I am assuming my companion’s story will be told at a later date, if he feels it should be recorded at all. The knowledge that comes from one of the original nine is considered to be harmful to the race of man for reasons that very few can understand. But I digress. I am here to tell my story and the story of my soul mate, the lycanthrope that my demonic companion currently inhabits.

It all begins over 800 years ago. The pure-blooded houses of vampires and lycanthropes were constantly at war. A hybrid created a nameless clan who all fought for the same cause: the end of the senseless fighting. The members were considered traitors because they would hunt their own kind and mix the bloodlines which were considered to be sins among the pure-bloods. Eventually, the pure-bloods hired hunters to destroy the traitors.
An impure pure-blooded· vampire sought to join the pure-blooded vampire clan of DarkWing. They turned him away because he was not a true pure-blood. In fear that they would try to hunt him down, he disguised himself as a human and served the nameless rogue clan obediently. He fell in love with a pure-blooded vampire whose surname is the only one I can recall: Thornton. The two created a true pure-blooded child: me.

Among the clan, another pureblood was born of lycanthrope descent. We were destined for one another as soon as our existence came to be. Who decided this and for what purpose is unknown, but the boy would be my true love from the instant of the birth of our existence. His surname was McMahan.
My birth, I believe, is what began this entire mess. A hunter clan by the surname of Von Hesial was hired by the pure-blooded houses to assassinate some of our clan members. The leader of this clan was racist against all lycanthropes and vampires yet he hated those of mixed blood more. Ironically enough, he possessed both vampiric and lycanthrope characteristics. His bloodline originated from a man known among many legends as Gabriel Von Hellsing, the same Gabriel as the Christian’s depiction of the Archangel and the right hand of God. This bloodline was passed onto the clan head’s two sons, one of whom was an exceptional hunter and the other talented hunter, Vannon, who had a unique gift to be able to absorb and transfer abilities.
As the story goes, Vannon’s brother, Vinaledio, fell in love with my mother. Her lack of interest in the man led to his refusal. When I was born, he upheld the beliefs of his father that bloodlines should not mix. My soul mate, Samuel McMahan, developed abnormally early as a lycanthrope and the clan heads acknowledged he had traits unique even for a lycanthrope: he, like Vannon, could absorb abilities. They put forth a test mark against my lover and who should test him but Vannon. When the young hunter realized that Samuel was an extraordinary lycanthrope, he decided to watch over him to see how he developed. As the two hunters observed the raising of the two of us, Vinaledio noticed that the boy was getting too close to me. Around the time Samuel turned ten years old, the racist hunter made his move. He received an L-shaped scar from an energy blade ability that Samuel had absorbed from Vannon during their encounter. The hunter was so surprised that he fled to his father and ordered a mark be placed upon the lycanthrope child immediately.

After the mark was placed upon Samuel, in order to get to him, Vinaledio put his own mark of death upon me. Vannon caught word of the mark and went to the head of the lycanthrope house of our joined clan to request a guardian to be placed to protect us. The lycanthrope was a pure-blood named Vallen. His brother, Malakar, who was racist against mixed lineage like the hunters, trapped him and went in his stead. We children, who were unaware of who our guardian was to be, followed Malakar to a hidden area. Samuel was slaughtered by Malakar. Just as I was to be killed by the vicious lycanthrope, Vallen fought his brother and took me to safety where I was put to sleep in order to remain safe. The last known part of the story is that Vannon found me, killed Malakar, and raised me as his little sister. I did not marry nor have children in that life. As I said, I believe firmly that the birth of my existence is what caused the war we are about to live through now. It is what got my lover killed over and over among his many lives…